Re: Membership Committee Situation

Well i've asked few times in the irc channel what to do, but actually
i don't figured out what it's needed and how to do it. On the other
hand i don't want to be a high time consumer for people who are very
busy (like me). So i just hope to see some directions for newbies on
the committee.


2008/1/17, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org>:
Hi all,

I have this feeling that the Membership Committee is not in a good
shape these days.

We haven't seen much activity in the committee for quite some time
now. The membership applications are piling up in the request tracker
queue with no response and basic daily requests from Foundation
members are not being handled in a timely manner.

Baris is probably quite busy with GUADEC organization.

For the new volunteers (Luciana, Fernando, Izabel and Bruno): could
you give us some feedback about what is blocking you from doing the
Membership Committee work? Have you got your (Mango and RT) accounts
already? Do you need any guidance?




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