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From: Baris Cicek <baris teamforce name tr>
Date: 07/09/2007 11:14
Subject: Re: Referenda system
To: Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org>

On Fri, 2007-09-07 at 10:38 +0300, Lucas Rocha wrote:
Hi Baris,

Jeff will officialy propose the referendum today. So, here's the
schedule I propose.

September 21 - End of application renewal period
September 24 - Instructions mailed to eligible voters, voting begins
October 7 - Voting closes
October 8 - Preliminary results are announced
October 15 - Last day to challenge preliminary results

As soon as Jeff proposes in foundation-list member (and membership is
positive about the referendum), we can announce the application
renewal deadline, right?
Yes, but waiting two weeks for Voting seems long, it can be one week for
referandum. If the outcome of the referandum is negative, then we will
have at least one week more for BoD election schedule. Apart from that,
everything is alright. So my proposed schedule is:
September 21 - End of applicatin renewal period
September 24 - Instructions mailed to eligible voters, voting begins
September 30 - Voting closes
October 1 - Preliiminary results are announced
October 8 - Last day to challenge preliminary results


2007/8/31, Baris Cicek <baris teamforce name tr>:
On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 00:04 +0300, Lucas Rocha wrote:
Hi all,

The board is about to propose a referenda for shifting the election
cycle back six months. The topic has been already discussed in


Jeff still needs to make a more structured/formal proposal in
foundation-list but I'd like to know how easy would it be to setup an
instance of our voting system for this new referenda. Baris, I guess
you have more details? Vincent?
We need set a deadline for last membership renewal day. Once this has
been set, there's not much hassle to run a referandum. It's basically,
getting list of voters, creating tokens, mailing them and filling out
necessary fields on the mysql table.

Let me know what needs to be done and can work on getting things
actually done. The idea (just an idea for now) is to have the votes by
the end of september.
That's possible since referendum is just consisted of yes/no votes, we
won't need any prior time like asking questions or waiting for
candidates etc.


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