Minutes of meeting - 2007/March/08


Apologies for the slight delay in posting the minutes.




Ben Adida (as special invitee)

Not Present:


Refers to: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/membership-committee/2007-March/msg00063.html

Follow-up Items from previous meeting:

* Automatically subscribe new members to the GNOME Foundation to
foundation-announce mailing list. (NOT DONE)
- Sankarshan to take this up with SysAdmin Group

* The template of the automatic reply of the Membership Committee RT
queue to include the URL for the queue status page. (NOT DONE)
- Sankarshan to take this up

* A documentation of the fact that members of the Membership Committee
should be Foundation Members. (DONE)
- Lucas changed the text at
http://live.gnome.org/MembershipCommittee/HowWeWork to read as "The
committee should be composed of 3-5 foundation members."

* Text on application form page to include the fact that providing
email addresses of contacts helps process applications. (DONE)
- Baris has done the needful for this

* RT and Mango Access for Izabel. (NOT DONE)
- Currently Izabel has not reverted with ACK on access and the RT
queue drop down does not list her name. Sankarshan will ask on
#sysadmin about this

New for this meeting:

Status of the Membership Committee Queue:

* Having meetings on alternate weeks received +1 from Lucas and
Vincent. Each meeting would have the date of the next meeting declared
at the end of the meeting.

* For tickets which are OPEN for 7-8 months with no response from
Applicants for further information would be DENIED
- Sankarshan to document this on the MembershipCommittee page and
process the tickets accordingly

* Ben Adida presented a short description of the proposed usage of
Cryptographic Techniques towards the GNOME Foundation Board of
Directors Election along with discussion on the current system.
- Ben Adida to elaborate on the proposed system in a mail to the
Foundation-List for further discussion and possible implementation.


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