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Contact Information:
Name: Og Maciel
E-mail: ogmaciel AT ubuntu.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): OgMaciel
svn.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Localization, bug reporting, advocacy

Detailed description:
I have been contributing directly to the GNOME Brazilian Localization team since before the release of 2.18.  
Prior to that I had been the lider for the Ubuntu Brazilian Localization Team.  Starting on October 2006 I 
noticed how the Brazilian translations from upstream were "stuck" on approx. 73% (UI) and decided to start a 
collaborative project between the 2 groups.  As the leader for the Ubuntu Brazilian Localization Team, I got 
all of our official members to start contributing directly to upstream (and not do their work via Rosetta), 
as well as brought in more people to help with the project.  When we launched 2.18, we had 100%!  One can say 
that I have been a strong GNOME advocate and am personally responsible for bringing in at least the last 
10-12 stable volunteers to the Brazilian GNOME group.

It is my goal to eventually earn a SVN account so that I can help the committers.

Lucas Rocha  (lucasr AT gnome.org)  Localization Team
Guilherme Pastore  (gpastore AT gnome.org)  Localization Team
Leonardo Fontenelle  (leo.fontenelle AT gmail.com)  Localization Team
Danilo Segan (danilo AT gnome.org)  Launchpad admin
Ken Vandine (ken AT foresightlinux.org)  Foresight Linux Lead


Basic stats

    * added 145 comments to bugs.
    * closed 0 bugs.
    * reported 53 bugs.
    * gathered 8 points



Bug Management          65
Translations in Rosetta         1248

Other comments:

[Application received at Thu Jun 28 16:52:54 2007 (Eastern time)]

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