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Contact Information:
Name: George Kraft IV
E-mail: gk4 AT cactus.org
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): 
svn.gnome.org username (if any): gk4

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Per the accessibility meeting at the GNOME Summit in Boston, I moved the selection of ATs to the Preferred 
Applications (gnome-default-applications-properties) dialog under a new "Accessibility" tab. In this new 
window, the assitive technologies are categorized as "visual" or "mobility".  I instructed the removal of the 
 hardcoded launching of the ATs in gnome-session and to move that hook to gnome-at-session.desktop. I started 
the migration of GNOME Accessibility Project to live.gnome.org.  I worked with Sun, Novell, and IBM to 
architect the multi-user accessibility enhancement (163132) for GNOME 2.18.  I started the project management 
wiki to migrate GNOME accessibility from Orbit2 to Dbus.  I led the IBM Linux Accessibility Project (LAP) 
working on GNOME.

Detailed description:

Bill Haneman <billh AT gnome.org> (previous maintainer of GAP); Li Yuan <li.yuan AT sun.com> (current 
maintainer of GAP); Jonathan Blandford <jrb AT redhat.com> (original author of gnome-at-properties); Rodrigo 
Moya (gnome-control-center developer); Vincent Untz <vuntz AT gnome.org> (gnome-session developer)


Other comments:
I'm an advocate for standardizing GNOME accessibility (eg., libat, at-spi IDL) within a11y.org, LSB, and the 
Linux Foundation.

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