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Contact Information:
Name: Josà Dapena Paz
E-mail: jdapena AT igalia.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): dape
cvs.gnome.org username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Member of Gnome Build Brigade. Integration of JHBuild and Buildbot. Fisterra developer.

Detailed description:
In 2006

As a member of Gnome Build Brigade: developed integration of JHBuild with tinderbox 2 and tinderbox 3. 
Developed also integration of JHBuild with Buildbot. Deployed some test integration services (currently 
implemented with Buildbot) and published documentation for doing such a deployment.

As a member of Fisterra team: fixes to make fisterra compile correctly in gcc4, improvements in compilation 
scripts, continuous integration.

Others: helped in Guadec-es III tutorials. Some contributions to dogtail.

Before 2006

Developer of Fisterra: UI review of 2004-2005 releases, task scheduler implementation, some use cases.

Contributions to documentation of Libgda (test examples).

Lots of advocacy: conferences in Spain, specially in Galicia, giving talks in Guadec-es I and II, volunteer 
of Guadec-es II.

* Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas apestaart org>. Another member of Build brigade.
* Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be>. Another member of Build brigade.
* Javier FernÃndez <jfernandez igalia com>. Fisterra developer.
* Xabier RodrÃguez Calvar <xrcalvar igalia com>. Fisterra developer.
* Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>. Developer of libgda and gnome db.
* David Malcolm <dmalcolm redhat com>. Developer of dogtail.

Other comments:
Other links:
* My blog: http://blogs.igalia.com/dape
* Not directly related to Gnome, but I'm one of the founders of Igalia. http://www.igalia.com

[Application received at Mon Oct 9 4:49:22 2006 (Eastern time)]

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to be processed can be up to one month.

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