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Candidacy Announcement

Name:         Máirín Duffy (mizmo)
E-mail:       duffy redhat com
Affiliation:  Fedora & Red Hat, Inc.


I believe quite strongly in GNOME's design philosophy of simplicity and ease-of-use; as an interaction designer I apply the same philosophy to my professional work and understand its importance.

I think as a result of following this philosophy, GNOME as a desktop and platform is quite solid today and improves quite markedly with every release. Where I think we need some work is in applying the same principles that govern GNOME's software design to our marketing and communication efforts in order to increase awareness of and recognition for GNOME.

More specifically, as a Board member I would like to focus on the GNOME Brand - the verbal and visual manifestation of what GNOME is all about - GNOME's personality. I will continue to drive our brand's definition via the brand book (regardless) and once finished, make it easy for others to use and spread GNOME by driving the development and organization of consistent collateral. I would also love to help in any way I can to fully address our trademark concerns so we can confidentially make use of our brand.

Background (Who am I?):

I'm an interaction designer with Red Hat. This involves two of the things I am most passionate about in life: my belief in the importance and inevitability of free and open source software, and my life goal to help make computers easier and more pleasant for people to use.

I believe in GNOME and its ability to achieve that goal - I believe that GNOME can positively impact the lives of untold numbers of people across the world. I am willing to work hard to help make it succeed in that goal.

I've been a GNOME user for quite some time but I've been involved with GNOME as a contributor for the past two years or so, mostly in a design / artwork capacity (for example, the recent work around the GNOME brand and the wgo redesign, some of which you can see at [1].)

I also serve a leading role in the new Fedora Art Team, where I started a mailing list and from that built up a community that recently achieved its first major goal of providing theming for the distribution (reached in FC6). From this experience I've faced a lot of the trademark issues that concern GNOME as well.

I understand that the Board's responsibilities involve dealing with issues both strategic and practical. To the practical issues, I offer my organizational skills and my dogged determination to get stuff *done*. To the strategic, I offer my problem-solving approach: define the problem & its scope, brainstorm solutions, try some out, evaluate their effectiveness, rinse & repeat and adjust as necessary.


I'm an interaction designer with Red Hat, and a member of the GNOME community for the past two years. If elected to the Board, I would drive efforts to apply GNOME's software design philosophy of simplicity and ease-of-use to our marketing and communication efforts via the further development of our brand.

Thank you for your consideration. :)



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