Re: Membership data

There might be some possible ways to get this data:

1- Past year's elections pages should have registered voters. Those
lists are the registered voters on the time being. You can check
elections homepages from

2- Revisions of CVS. We used to keep member data in gnome cvs. It would
be really sweating job but might be worth trying if you need emails etc.
You need to check out the revisions of cvs for gnome-foundation module.
And you can find members to the oldest day cvs data is stored. 

3- (Hardest way) You can gather this information from
membership-committe mail list archives. Well if you really need them bad
that is. :)

Good luck, if you need some clarification don't hesitate to ask.

On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 11:48 +0000, Joseph Kirzner wrote:

I'm looking for yearly data on the name of GNOME members of the
foundation. The reason is that I'm interested in the position of
members in the social networks. You have the list as of 2005, but I'd
like to get data for all years. 
membership-committee mailing list
membership-committee gnome org

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