Application received from Bob Kashani (bobk AT

Contact Information:
Name: Bob Kashani
E-mail: bobk AT nickname (if any): bobk username (if any): bobk

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

I am the current maintainer of the garnome module and I have been a major contributor to this project for 
several years.

GARNOME Build System

Detailed description:
I have been a contributor to the GARNOME Project for several years before I became an official maintainer 
recently. As contributor and maintainer I have worked to keep GARNOME up-to-date so that testers and users 
could have access to the latest GNOME releases. In many cases this has required patching packages to allow 
them to build and poking testers to file bugs upstream.

I have also been the driving force behind getting more people involved in building and testing GNOME via 
GARNOME. I pushed to get GARNOME placed back into as a module so that more users and testers 
could stay up-to-date with GNOME.

Paul Drain pd cipherfunk org (Old GARNOME maintainer)
Elijah Newren newren gmail com 
Jeff Waugh jdub perkypants org (The man who created GARNOME)
Murray Cumming murrayc murrayc com (Maintainer of GNOME C++ bindings)

Other comments:

[Application received at Sat Nov 26 1:15:39 2005 (Eastern time)]

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