Candidacy: Dominic Lachowicz

I'm a long-term member of the GNOME community and employed by the
Teragram Corporation (who are neither affiliated with nor interested
in GNOME). I maintain several largish GNOME and non-GNOME modules such
as librsvg and AbiWord.

As Dave Neary so recently pointed out, I can be pedantic sometimes. I
promise to be a helpfully pedantic board member, ensuring that things
get done on time and that they get done right. I subscribe to the
Python mindset. I believe in forming rough consensus and acting by
convention whenever appropriate. My presence within the board will
hopefully be one of mediating the board's many goals, injecting a
healthy dose of realism into them, building a roadmap to those goals,
and then making sure that we succeed. To do so, the board will need
increased transparency and greater accountability. I feel that these
traits will become increasingly important with the transition from 11
to 7 board members and that I can deliver on my goals.

(This email will likely be blocked by foundation-announce's mailman,
since my only Hotmail account is subscribed there. Christian Schaller
says that due to the extension, this nomination should still be valid
for the next couple of minutes. If not, my apologies in advance, and
please consider my nomination withdrawn.)

Best wishes,

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