Re: GNOME Membership Application of Mohammad Dhani Anwari MT

sön 2005-02-27 klockan 17:36 +0100 skrev Vincent Untz:
Dear Christian,

The GNOME foundation membership committee needs more informations to
process the application of Mohammad Dhani Anwari MT. Since he has listed
you as the primary contact, the committee would like you to list the
contributions that Mohammad Dhani Anwari MT has made for the GNOME
community in recent times. Your input will be greatly appreciated to
help us to make a fair and informed decision in the granting or denying
the applicant as a foundation member.

In case Mohammad Dhani Anwari MT is the same person as Mohammad Damt (e-
mail of mdamt bisnisweb com or md mt web id), then I can testify that
this person is currently the Indonesian team coordinator in the GNOME
Translation Project. Mohammad Damt has also personally contributed a
countless number of Indonesian translations to GNOME core modules;
translations which you can find on and on respectively,
listing his name as the contributor.
However, most of these translations were contributed in 2003 or in
October 2004. I haven't found any GNOME core translation contributed by
this person that is newer than October 2004.

In my opinion, judging from his contributions, he very well deserves a
Foundation membership, although I don't know how recent enough past
contributions need to be to qualify.


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