Re: GNOME Membership Application of Christian Kirbach

On 12/23/05, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay <sankarshan randomink org> wrote:
Dear Olav, Elijah

The GNOME foundation membership committee needs more informations to
process the application of Christian Kirbach. Since you have been listed
as the primary contacts, the committee would like you to list the
contributions that Christian Kirbach has made for the GNOME community
in recent times.  Your input will be greatly appreciated to help us to
make a fair and informed decision in the granting or denying the
applicant as a foundation member.

His triage efforts have been huge; he's closed over 500 bugs while
commenting on a couple thousand, he's helped other people getting
started in IRC, and he's been fixing up the much neglected triage
guide for us.  I definitely support him becoming a foundation member.


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