Re: Wrong email address in membership list

Hi Martin,

I've updated your entry. The change should appear on the membership list

However, It is time for you to renew your GNOME Foundation Membership, 
which started (or was last renewed) on 2002-10-31 and lasted two years.

If you want to renew your membership, please use the form at
Please remember to check the box to indicate you are an existing
member. Once your renewal is accepted, your membership will be
extended for two years. You shall receive an e-mail confirmation from
the committee.

Thanks for your support and interest,
The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

  Eric Baudais <baudais kkpsi org>
  Gael Chamoulaud <strider gnome org>
  Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu randomink org>
  Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc linuxweasel com>
  Vincent Untz <vincent vuntz net>

Quoting Martin Baulig <martin ximian com>:


just realized that I'm listed with my old email address in the current
membership list.  Could you please change my email address from
martin gnome org to martin ximian com ?


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