[RENEWAL] Application received from Alvaro del Castillo (acs AT barrapunto.com)

Contact Information:
Name: Alvaro del Castillo
E-mail: acs AT barrapunto.com
irc.gnome.org nickname (if any): acs
cvs.gnome.org username (if any): alvaro

Previous GNOME Foundation member: yes

GNOME contributions:

GNOME Hispano Cofounder
Barrapunto editor
Planner developer
Currently doing Planner<->Evolution integration
Design and build on GNOME Linux distributions (LinEx, Linux Lux)

Detailed description:
GNOME Hispano Cofounder

About 5 years ago I founded with Rodrigo Moya the GNOME Hispano community, where some GNOME hackers were 
born. We have created lots of documentations, create a website, give tutorials and IRC talks and lots of 
other things in order to create a GNOME community in the Hispanic world.

Currently we are creating a legal Association in Spain and we have bought the GNOME mark in Spain to protect 
it and use it for the GNOME project targets.

Barrapunto editor

Last 5 years I have been and editor in the Spanish weblog Barrapunto.com, similar to Slashdot.org. It is the 
main weblog for free software in the Hispanic world and I have tried to show the world how GNOME has advance 
over the last years.

Planner developer

Currently my main developer effort is in the Imendio Planner product. I have being coding in Planner last 3 

Actually I am integrating Planner and Evolution.

Desing and build of GNOME Linux distributions

In my real life work I have created the first LinEx distribution using GNOME with Eric, a mate in my work, 
somethings that has been probed to be important for the widespread of GNOME in Spain and in the Hispanic 
world distributions.

Currently I work in the LambdaUX company building a distribution also, using GNOME and Debian as main 

Richard Hult richard imendio com (planner mantainer)
Rodrigo Moya rodrigo gnome-db org (evolution developer which I work with)

Other comments:

[Application received at Wed Sep 15 13:04:42 2004 (Eastern time)]

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