Application received from Marinus Schraal (foser AT

Contact Information:
Name: Marinus Schraal
E-mail: foser AT nickname (if any): foser username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Gentoo GNOME team

Detailed description:
I've been the Gentoo GNOME team lead since early 2.0 development. In that time I've contributed a few patches 
here and there to upstream maintainers. I've managed pretty much every major GNOME release for Gentoo since i 
joined up till now.

Dennis M.D. Ljungmark (spider gentoo org) currently a foundation member can vouch for my work during this 
period. is a link to the gnome herd structure. 
A herd takes care of a set of packages. : although somewhat outdated, the developers list is still correct.  : Gentoo viewcvs of the gnome meta 
package, but any gentoo gnome related changelog will show my contributations over time.

Other comments:
My direct contributions to gnome -besides a few patches- may not be that impressive, but it's mostly due to 
the amount of time it takes to keep everything smooth in Gentoo itself. Eventually I plan to shift my 
position more to be the Gentoo GNOME project lead, leaving me more time to do upstream development.

[Application received at Wed Sep 15 10:32:02 2004 (Eastern time)]

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