Application received from John (J5) Palmieri (johnp AT

Contact Information:
Name: John (J5) Palmieri
E-mail: johnp AT nickname (if any): J5 username (if any): johnp

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Gaim applet and notification icon work

Detailed description:
* Wrote a large portion of the gaim applet for Gnome 1.x

* Created the first attempt at moving the gaim applet to gnome-2.x notification icon.  Current implementation 
is largly based on my code.

* Work on hal and dbus integrating them into Fedora's Gnome desktop.  Comaintain the dbus python buindings 
with Seth.

* Added proxy and spell checking support to gnome-blog.  Have other various bug fixes.

* wrapped the gtkspell library in python

* One-to-many (drives to volumes) gnome-vfs patch

* Havoc Pennington <havoc redhat com> - my manager
* Seth Nickell <seth gnome org> - I work on his gnome-blog project as well as help him maintian the python 
bindings for DBus
* Dave Camp <dave novell com> - Dave likes me and he is not part of the Red Hat crew.  Ok, so perhaps it is 
just because he is not part of the Red Hat crew and is in here for balance ;-)

Other comments:

[Application received at Tue Sep 14 18:49:47 2004 (Eastern time)]

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