Minutes For Referendum Team Meeting: 26 March, 2004

Minutes For Referendum Team Meeting: 26 March, 2004

The main goal of this meeting was the planning of the upcoming

New actions:

        ACTION: Send a first draft of the anonymous voting process to
                the list.

        ACTION: Send a first draft of the schedule to the list and to
                the board.
                (Nobody was assigned, but Vincent will do it)


        (a) How the question should be asked in the ballot and what the
            possible answers should be
            - The proposed question is : "Do you accept the voting
              process to become anonymous, as described in [URL]? Note
              that the description of the process is subject to change
              to ensure better anonymity or security."
            - "yes/no/don't care" were proposed as answers, but there
              was a general feeling that "don't care" would be too
              confusing. We'll probably just have "Yes/No".
            - Final decision on those items should be taken by the

        (b) Implementation of the proposed process
           - All agreed that it'd be good to have an implementation
             before the vote so people can look at it.
           - Help from outside the committee will be welcome to write or

        (c) Referendum schedule
            - General feeling that the vote should happen before the
            - We've decided on a schedule, where we give time to the
              board, and then to the Foundation members to review the
              proposed process.

        (d) Proposed process
            - Vincent had notes somewhere about a possible process.
            - Meeting ended before we really discussed this item. Will
              be discussed by mails.

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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