Application received from benedikt christopeit (benedikt AT

Contact Information:
Name: benedikt christopeit
E-mail: benedikt AT nickname (if any): bene_ username (if any): 

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

I can't program really good, so I don't have develop some programs, patches or something. I help to organize 
events in germany (CeBit, Linux Tag) for GNOME. Also I'am in the GNOPPIX team. At least I'am one of the three 
people from the GNOME Germany e.V.

Detailed description:
One contribution is to organize events. I make contacts to diffrent people to get workstations for events 
like CeBit oder some "Linux Days" in Germany. It's more than a hobby, its fun for me. I spend my hole holiday 
last year to help on exhibition (Chemnitzer Linux Tag, Magdeburger Linux Tag,Hamburger Computertage, CeBit 
2003), to show other people what they can do with GNOME. My next event is CeBit 2004, with other people like 
herzi (Sven Herzberg).

At 2003 I did the first step with herzi and arrange the GNOME Gbr, to do the first step. This year we arrange 
the GNOME Deutschland e.V.. Perhaps you know the GNOME Germany TShirts. I produced the first 10 shirts. I 
could show you a picture if you want. In future I work as a     treasurer at the GNOME Deutschland e.V.

At least I am a member of the GNOPPIX team. I am        appropriate to put the new XPDE ( 
sourcecode into the GNOPPIX cvs. I work as translater in the XPDE team.

oGALAXYo aliakc web de 

I help Ali to allocate CVSGnome, because I have two webserver, so he could work with no problems.

Other comments:
I don't know if I could join the GNOME Foundation with no translations, or patches, but I know that I do some 
work, to show other people what they could do with GNOME. I hope you understand what I write, because my 
english isn't the best. To show you that I like GNOME and Linux, I create a magazine called PPCNUX 
( Its a community for german people who use Linux on PowerPC processors, like Pegasos, 
Macintosh ... after two years its the biggest community site in germany.

greetings from Hamburg Germany
benedikt christopeit

[Application received at Tue Feb 17 16:00:00 2004 (Eastern time)]

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