Application received from Taneem Ahmed (taneem bengalinux org)

Contact Information:
Name: Taneem Ahmed
E-mail: taneem bengalinux org nickname (if any): taneem username (if any): taneem

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

Bengali Translation Coordinator

Detailed description:
I am the coordinator of Bengali translation team. Beside that I have done small fixes to pango for Bengali 

Christian Rose <menthos gnome org>
Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>

Other comments:
I am the founder of Ankur Group (, and we are working towarding supporting Bengali on 
Linux. Personally I have submitted the bn_BD locale file to glibc, and also the Bengali "probhat" layout to 
XFree86. I wrote a small Bengali spell checker using gnome, which also prints proper Bengali .ps using 
OpenType and pango. I intend to port this part of the code to libgnomeprint as there is no such support right 

[Application received at Mon Sep 15 1:56:07 2003 (Eastern time)]

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