Application received from Sven Herzberg (herzi gnome-de org)

Contact Information:
Name: Sven Herzberg
E-mail: herzi gnome-de org nickname (if any): herzi username (if any): herzi

Previous GNOME Foundation member: no

GNOME contributions:

* german GNOME website (
* german GNOME company (GNOME Deutschland GbR)
* german GNOME promoting
* maintaining the GNOPPIX project

Detailed description:
german GNOME website (

  I am maintaining the german GNOME website for more than 18 months now. It's on its way to a german GNOME 
community and news page which requires a large PHP framework because there is lots of dynamic content there.

  I'm currently working on these two steps:
1. community news
  I'm extending our system to provide a news system similar to what provides (I do 
this with the maintainer of to be able to close and have one 
centralized news/support website for germany.

2. translation services
  I'm going to integrate a glossary for the german translation (this is something that Christian Neumair the 
translation maintainer wants to have).

german GNOME promoting
  I'm promoting GNOME on lots of linux events in germany to show that "GNU/Linux" is not equal to "KDE". This 
year I've to events in Hamburg, Chemnitz, Madgeburg, Hannover and Karlsruhe (including CeBIT and the Linuxtag 
2003). I drove more than 3000km by car for this and spent lots of moneys to do this.

german GNOME company (GNOME Deutschland GbR)
  Together with Benedikt Christopeit if founded the "GNOME Deutschland GbR" which is a company that aims to 
make money to sponsor GNOME people on linux events. Our main goal is to get this money by merchandising to 
have 2 positive effects:

1. Have money to sponsor GNOME people here.
2. Have other people wearing GNOME shirts etc. to promote GNOME.

maintaining the GNOPPIX project
  Since June/July I am the maintainer of the GNOPPIX project ( which aims to create a linux 
live cd that just works (tm) and that aims to bring the targets of GNOME ("computing made easy") with a linux 
live cd. Our goal is to put a cd into the drive and have one really good configured, high-quality desktop for 
the user. To get a high-quality desktop I also do some small fixes to the GNOME code (and I plan to do more 
for GNOME 2.6).

Christian Meyer (chrisime gnome-de org) coordinator of gnome activities in germany; former coordinator of the 
german translation team

Matthias Warkus (mawa gnome-de org) author of the german GNOME 2.0 developer manual; former coordiantor of 
the german translation team

Roman Beigelbeck (star gnome-de org) former member of the team

Christian Neumair (chris gnome-de org) coordinator of the german translation team

Jörgen Scheibengruber (mfcn gnome-de org) netspeed applet, gnomeradio, gppp

Other comments:
I still plan to work on criawips a GNOME presentation program, but this is ATM less important than and gnoppix are.

[Application received at Fri Sep 12 9:35:40 2003 (Eastern time)]

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