Two applications remaining

Hi again !

I processed some of the new applications that we received this summer.
Six of them were trivial and approved. Here are the two last ones :

394 Polkan Garcia                 03/08/04
    <pagarcia slcolombia org>

395 Xavier Nicolovici             03/08/05
    <xavier nicolovici com>

I don't feel that Polkan did contribute something to the community. He
integrated some applications for his job, but that's all. I think his
application should be denied.

As for Xavier, he translated a guide, but that guide is quite old (for
GNOME 1.x, it seems). The last update to the guide is from January 2000.
As there is no new contribution, I feel his application should be
rejected. But we should tell him that if he contributes again (new
translation of a guide, e.g.), he may be accepted as a member.

What are your thoughts about those applications ?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas presses.

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