Re: Applications processed + future renewals

You mean to end on Aug 31, 2003, right?

I don't know if that is compatible with the bylaws. 
If we (meaning the membership committee as an entity,
regardless of the people in the committee) have
promised a two year membership interval, then we
cannot end it prematurely... I think.

Also, the membership interval should still be two
years, as the bylaw says so, and the most recent
guideline issued by the board saying "one year"
contradicts the bylaw and the bylaw takes precedence. 
This was confirmed by board member and the foundation
director on the foundation mailing list.

--- Vincent Untz <vincent vuntz net> wrote:
Hi all !

I've processed the latest applications, which were
quite easy cases.
There is only one unprocessed application now :
Ramesh Kumar. Ghee,
what's the status with this one ?

Looking at applications_status.txt, it seems the
time of renewals is
slowly coming. In September, some people will have
to renew their
applications. Any idea on how we should handle this?
Will we have to
process a bunch of renewals every month? Or would it
be possible (and
a good idea) to make memberships accepted between
2001 September and
2002 August end on 2002 August 31st?


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