Re: M.Ali VARDAR's application for GNOME Foundation membership

I agree.
--- Vincent Untz <vincent vuntz net> wrote:
Le 12 May 2003 22:12:45 +0200, Fatih Demir a ecrit :

Hi Vincent & al! :-)

I would appreciate to see him in the GNOME
Foundation pool as he does
still do some translation work (in the last time
not that much for
Anjuta(2), which is his areal of translation :-)
But this will change
in short so one counts him as a translator of
GNOME) and especially
works with Gtk+/GNOME for his own projects which
are more real-world
alike(finance, account, depot management etc. for
smallest companies
or similar things) so it's oke to givem him
Foundation member status -
or to be a little bit summarizing:

 I vote pro him :-)

Thanks for giving your advice.

People from the committee: I think Fatih's "vote" is
a good point for
Ali. Is it ok to accept the application ?


Andy Tai, atai atai org
Free Software: the software by the people, of the people and for the people! Develop! Share! Enhance! Enjoy!

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