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Thought you guys might like to know that this address has changed.  I'm
in the midst of creating their @gnome.org alias, you might ask if they'd
prefer to use that.
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        My name is Yann Laviolette, I've send my application to be member of
the Gnome foundation last week (The email I've submit when I applicate
should be borisgazoo hotmail com but I've stop to use it...]. I need an
email alias to help other person to know me as a Gnome member. I work
with Christophe Merlet [the maintainer of the French translation
team...] with the French translation of Gnome. I've work on the
translation of Gedit and a bit on the translation of Nautilus, Gnome
Control center and Gnome panel but the files aren't yet on the CVS...

So here's the information:

      The type of account they want. : email alias

      Full name. : Yann Laviolette

      Permanent email address. yann laviolette laposte net

      Requested account name. yann laviolette gnome org

Encrypted password as per crypt(3). [1] : xyGhFZj6J9CL2

Thanks a lot


Yann Laviolette

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