Re: [Fwd: Resignation from GNOME Foundation Membership Committee]

Really hope Mike can reconsider. He did a lot of work
for the GNOME community without recognition. The
membership committee really needs your expertises and

Also if the community thinks Elliot Lee and Martin
Baulig (whose made major contributions to GNOME core
libraries before the GNOME 2.0 release) should be
accepted, the Board may want to consider amending the
membership guidelines so major past contributions
should be considered, for these who are not active in
GNOME currently for whatever reason (jobs, schools,
--- Mike Newman <mike gtnorthern demon co uk> wrote:
Just to sort of tie up a long and winding thread, I
wanted to say thanks
for the the support of folks here, and to applaud
the ongoing discussion
of the membership policy.

I sincerely hope that the practically all-new
Membership Committee will
take this opportunity to raise its profile, ensure
that its work is
understood, and to continue to do a difficult job in
a dignified and
consistent manner.

For the record, I've had a couple of people mail me
this afternoon to
say they regret making this a personal issue. This
is also a good thing.

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