To a GREAT team,

I am not ready to join any Linux orgs yet.  I am a real new newbie.  I
just want to say thanks to all of you who have contributed to the Gnome
project.  It is fun to use(though I am just a few hours into it) and
full of stuff even I think I understand!  I wish not to knock KDE with
what I say next and I apologize to anyone who feels offended.  It is
just to stiff and stuffy.  Too much tech lingo!  GNOME is light hearted
and friendly down to the very commands.  The Mandrake project is very
much in tune with KDE in attitude.  Life is to short to do a serious job
so very seriously.  And the basic stuff you provide is so pleasing and

I have a learning disorder that is becoming better know and recognized
as of late.  It is Dyslexia.  Spelling for me is a nightmare, as is very
wordy and abstract reading.  Mandrake and KDE like lots of words that
produce very abstract pictures and no real direction for true beginners
like me.  For some reason most of the Linux community seems to follow
the stiff neck and nose thumbing crowd.  This project seems to be
breaking the mold.  Thanks.  So do I.

I feel that, if given the correct leadership, the Linux OS will become a
real rival to Bill the Bully Gates.  I truly believe that Linux needs a
desktop that not only rivals MS and Mac but beats it for user
friendliness.  I believe McDonnald's principle should be applied to it. 
Get a real good and cheep OS to the common public and the money making
project will follow.

Look at how the military is training the next generation of solder. 
Battle video games built in realistic style and theme with a goal set
that hooks the user.  Those that are talented enough are becoming the
game designers.  Linux can do the same.  Your project has the edge it
takes to accomplish this very thing just by the very thing that makes
you so very good at what you do.  ATTITUDE!  Bright, unselfish and
giving attitude.

I sincerely hope to continue using what you are producing.  I will now
spend my efforts learning how your project packages can work for me and
I will do my best to promote YOU to my little part of Mass.  Since I put
Mandrake 9.0 on my machine about a week ago I have spent hour after hour
trying to figure out how-to... with success that has not produced
anything of practical use.  Tonight I logged into this desktop and
already I am functioning as if I know what I am doing!  Now I need to
figure out how to use the font format symbols and I will be well on my
way to having even more fun! :))

My sincere regards to all of your contributers.  Have a wonderful

Rick Young

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