Re: disable the "recent" functionality in meld

Le 20-05-15 à 09 h 53, Fourhundred Thecat a écrit :
 > On 2020-05-02 09:06, Fourhundred Thecat wrote:

how can I disable the "recent" functionality in meld?

Meld creates files such as these:


and shows the history in

   files -> open recent

I looked in preferences how to disable this, but did not find any option.

When I make the directory ~/.local/share/meld/ unwritable, meld reports
error and does not even start:

PermissionError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted:

I consider this history "feature" as evil. The idea of opening files
from history instead of from file paths seems confusing. How do you
distinguish files with same names, but in different locations ?

Anyways, How can I disable this misfeature?
If there is no option in preferences, can somebody suggest how to modify
the python code to disable this ?

can somebody please advise how to disable this evil "recent" feature in
meld ?

I had a problem like this in another application (not "recent", but some other unwanted feature, and I did a key word search.

When I found the offending code
1) I copied the original file to an alternate directory, adding a suffix (like .vo).

2) In the original file, I commented out the offending line.

3) In the alternate directory, in a text file, I noted the path to the file I changed, and the line number, with a copy of the changed line.

4) With python, it will automatically "recompile" the changed file, so you don't have to recompile the program. (A lot easier.)

5) Then I tested to ensure I had found the source of the problem, and there were no side effects.

6) If it doesn't work, I restore the previous code by copying the .vo file in the alternate directory back to the original name.

7)This procedure allows reinstating the change each time there is an update, since an update will overwrite your changes.


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