New website

Hi all,

This isn't yet final, but there's a new website I've been slowly
working away at for a while now, and it's... close enough to make
public. Changes from the previous site are:
 * Based on very boring Bootstrap 4
 * Everything on a single page
 * No dynamic generation of news (we link to Gitlab releases)
 * We don't try to embed help in a nice but fragile way, it's just
included as-is
 * Release stuff is based on Jekyll data files, so updating it should
be automatable
 * Built and deployed using Gitlab's CI

You can check out the current version at:
the source is at:

Note that this is using a different branch in the same repo for Gitlab
pages. I'm of two minds as to whether this is a good idea long-term,
but for now it's convenient. The only real downside here IMO is
keeping e.g., screenshots in the main repo.

The main remaining issue as far as I'm concerned is that I don't think
it's possible to have a custom domain on the GNOME Gitlab, which is
probably a deal breaker. I have no idea what's involved in fixing

Feedback, comments, etc. are welcome.


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