Re: Meld source view is not repainting properly, causing broken UI

On 6 May 2017 at 11:11, Krishnaswami Iyer <r k iyer 2001 gmail com> wrote:
Your hunch was dead on, Kai. Changing the theme fixes the bug. My theme was
not custom, though, it was the default lubuntu theme.

Sure. I meant more that anything that isn't the default GTK+ "Adwaita"
theme is generally considered "custom" at this point.

The bug repros with
themes "lubuntu" and "lubuntu-dark-panel" but not with "industrial" or
"redmond" or any others. For "lubuntu" and "lubuntu-default", there are a
few logs on stdin which I've uploaded to
and respectively.

1/ Do you think it is worth filing a bug against lubuntu 17.04?

Given that you've also seen this on gedit, I would say yes. Having a
theme break repaint is pretty bad, though given GTK+ theme related
changes in the last couple of releases it's not that surprising


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