Meld Windows Installer

Hey guys,
I'm a huge fan of your work!  I found your instructions ( for getting Meld running on Windows to be pretty straightforward and well-written.  However, some have found the process to be a bit onerous.  To help promote Meld for all Windows users, I threw together a little installer/uninstaller to make it easy for everyone.  I used Portable Python so that there are no additional dependencies needed.  I'm far from an NSIS expert (this is actually my first NSIS project), so if you spot anything amiss, feel free to speak up:  After more have had a chance to check it out, perhaps you'd consider adding a link to your page?

One piece that's still missing is that syntax highlighting (plus the VCS functionality which I probably won't do since it needs components from either Cygwin or Unxutils).  Does anyone know what would be needed to put PyGTKsourceview into Portable Python?  Also, how hard would it be to make that a component of the all-in-one installer?


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