Re: problem with patch

2011/8/27 Grzegorz Jaśkiewicz <gryzman gmail com>:
> Hi folks
> I'm using the version 1.5.2, and I get the :
> "Invoking 'patch' failed.
> Maybe you don't have 'GNU patch' installed,
> or you use an untested version of Subversion.
> Please send email bug report to:
> meld-list gnome org"
> Error once in a while for some file.
> What I've noticed, is that the directory patch is run against contains
> rej/org files:
> /tmp/tmp7XaDFe-meld/foo.c
> /tmp/tmp7XaDFe-meld/foo.c.rej
> /tmp/tmp7XaDFe-meld/foo.c.orig
> Like that. But files that work fine, don't have it. Could that cause the issue?

No - that's the result of the problem, not the cause.

> svn version is 1.6.13, diff and patch do work fine otherwise. Only
> meld is giving me the heat.

There are (at least) two known issues with subversion and Meld:
keyword expansion and svn:eol-style.

If you think you've found a different problem, then please file a bug.
Realistically, in order for it to get fixed it's going to also need a
simple way to reproduce it.


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