Re: Diff files in SVN changelist

On Sun, 2011-12-25 at 07:10 +1000, Kai wrote:
> I'm not certain what the expected behaviour would be here, as I
> haven't used changelists.
Since modified files in a changelist are modified nonetheless, I'd like
meld to show those files as modified, similarly to how it shows modified
files which are not in a changelist.
If it can additionally indicate that the file is in a changelist, and
ideally the name of the changelist, that would be even better, but
certainly not as important as simply showing the file as modified.

> However, the attached patch seems to work
> for me, in so far as files in a changelist now show up in our listing.
> Does this look like the right thing to do?
That sounds like the right behavior to me.  Thanks for the quick
turnaround w/ a patch--I will apply it and test it out soon.

Best regards,

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