Meld 1.3.0 released!

Version 1.3.0 has been released and will be available at

I'd like to thank everybody who contributed to this release. It's fantastic
to be able to say that I've received more patches in the past few months
than in the previous seven years combined.

More good news, the meld team has tripled in size recently with the addition
of Kai Willadsen and Vincent Legoll. The abbreviated changelog doesn't
really show the volume and quality of work these guys have contributed
over the last few months. It's fair to say this release wouldn't have happened
any time soon without their efforts.

I'd appreciate if people with older python and pygtk versions would
do some testing to make sure that their platform works when the
announcement is made on freshmeat, gnomefiles etc. If there's an
automated way to check compatibility, please let us know.


2009-04-17 meld-1.3.0

        * Minimum requirements are pygobject 2.8 and python 2.4

        * Find dialog replaced with find bar with replace functionality

        * Remove gnome dependencies (Kai Willadsen, Vincent Legoll)
          Meld now runs on win32 (experimental).

        * Many ui tweaks and cleanups (Kai Willadsen, Vincent Legoll)

        * Support for multiple sourceview versions (Vincent Legoll)

        * Updated version control support
            * Multiple VCs in a single directory (Vincent Legoll)
            * Subversion 1.6.x (Vincent Legoll)
            * Add RCS support (Oliver Gerlich, Vincent Legoll)
            * Add Codeville support (Vincent Legoll)

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