Re: browse verisons idea

2009/4/14 Steve Franks <bahamasfranks gmail com>:
> I sent this a couple weeks back, but it was from the wrong inbox, so
> it didn't get posted.  Sorry if it did, twice.  Anyways:
> Ok, I'm sure this has been suggested like 100 times, but wouldn't it
> be great when we have a file with multiple cvs revisions, we could
> expand it in the treeview to show the verisons as files in the
> directory that is the actual file on disk?
> That way, no changes need to me made the architecture that you
> highlight 2 files and click 'compare' to compare them against
> eachother, and it makes intuitive sense to the user, but we can get at
> old versions vs. eachother or the working copy?
I believe it's already in BGO:

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