Re: [PATCH] Handle VC plugins not implemented methods

2009/4/4 Vincent Legoll <vincent legoll gmail com>:
> The attached patch implements the greying of the
> buttons attached to not implemented methods from
> a VC plugin.
> Crude, but working, I looked at inspect module, but
> preferred the simple way of specifying the arguments.
> Tested with RCS, SVN, git, and switching between
> them to see button state toggling between sensitive
> and not.

Should action_button_map be a class member instead? Also, the
VcAddBinary action isn't handled. Finally, the variable naming of
'button' is a little misleading. Some of the Actions aren't buttons at
all (e.g., VcAddBinary only appears in the context menu) and might in
the future also be menu items, etc. so I'd suggest a more generic
'action' or something here.

Otherwise, this looks good to me. There are several places that our
sensitivity handling could be better, and this fixes one of the more
important ones.


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