[PATCH] Fix tla multiselection diffing

This patch fixes tla diffing multiple selected files
by diffing files one at a time, this has to be
harmless to other VC plugins.

Vincent Legoll
Index: vcview.py
--- vcview.py	(revision 1326)
+++ vcview.py	(working copy)
@@ -334,7 +334,8 @@
                 self.emit("create-diff", [path])
     def run_diff(self, path_list, empty_patch_ok=0):
-        self.scheduler.add_task(self.run_diff_iter(path_list, empty_patch_ok).next, atfront=1)
+        for path in path_list:
+            self.scheduler.add_task(self.run_diff_iter([path], empty_patch_ok).next, atfront=1)
     def on_button_press_event(self, text, event):
         if event.button==3:

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