Re: is there any interest in anyvc?

Am Sonntag, den 08.03.2009, 18:34 +0000 schrieb Stephen Kennedy:
> >>> some time ago Ali told this list about anyvc which is the new vcs
> >>> abstraction lib we use in Pida.
> >>>
> >>> The source is currently available
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> The current features are workdir command abstraction + diff/status info.
> >>> Planned features are history browsing and branch management.
> I'm delighted to hear the anyvc project is going well. Supporting all
> the different
> vc systems has more work than anticipated so I'm more than happy to let you
> guys take care of it!
we'd be happy to deal with it

however we have a few lacks, as we mainly focused on common+sane vcs's
(ie svn, hg, git, bzr) there is need for some extra work to get it done
for things like cvs

also there is some lack for commercial vcs's (ie bitkeeper, perforce,

> I had a look an the conversion looks reasonably straight forward. My concern at
> this point is how to handle "slow" commands. Currently we select on a subprocess
> which keeps the gui alive, but what should we do for the in-process
> ones? (hg, bzr)
> I've kept clear of threads previously because of platform concerns
> (win32 especially).
> Would it be crazy to use the anyvc as an executable instead of a library?

actually threading is quite simple if you follow the following rule


we use that approach in pida 
(usually multiple background threads for code-analysis, status stuff and
vcs things)

the executable approach is not nice (possible, but ugly),
but a dbus based approach might come in handy (using async method calls)

however there is not yet a dbus fontend for anyvc, as i didn't yet make

> Stephen.

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