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On 9/11/06, Peter Morgan <pm daffodil uk com> wrote:
First I'd like to say hi to this m
>> _map_widgets_into_lists( ("fileentry", "direntry", "vcentry", "three_way_compare", "tablabel"
? found the function and still confused ?

Try print dir(self) before and after. It's really useful when there
are a variable number of panes visible.

I also find the "File" tabs and the "Directory" tabs in the NewDocDialog frustrating, as more often that not I want to dive directory into Dir comparison 99.99% of the time.. but that's me ;-)

We should probably remember and switch to the last used tab here.

* it it worth combining the file/dir selection into a single widget ? ie if its a dir selected, its a DIR, a file = a file

The fileentry api (browse...) makes you specify up-front if you are
browsing for a file or folder. I'd prefer to kill the new... dialog
and just have "new filediff" "new dirdiff" and "new vc". Then you fill
out the location entries. Only problem is that you can't currently
change the number of panes in a file/dir diff.

* Might a liststore be useful for keeping selections between windows and widgets ? part of append_dirdiff, append_filediff etc
* Should this liststore's contents be persistent between sessions, eg spooling out to XML ?

I imagine a "fire-and-forget" api which looks like e.g.
# call this once in init, before widget is shown
tie_size_to_gconf( widget, "state/window_size" )

In pseudo-code it would look like:

def tie_size_to_gconf( widget, key ):
 size_x = gconf_get("/apps/meld"+key+"_x") or -1
 size_y = gconf_get("/apps/meld"+key+"_y") or -1
 widget.set_size_request(size_x, size_y)
 def update_gconf(widget, new_size):
   gconf_set("/apps/meld"+key+"_x", new_size[0])
   gconf_set("/apps/meld"+key+"_y", new_size[1])
  widget.connect("resize-event", update_gconf)

IIRC Rat does this in a more abstract & better way:

Have started playing with the code already....

Good stuff, have fun!

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