Re: meld on fedora core 4

From: Ralph Siemsen

For line numbering and syntax highlighting, meld requires
pygtksourceview [...snip]

I'm sure everyone has figured this out by now, but I didn't see it reported on the list, thought I would share: it seems you need to have gnome-printing support installed, as well as the python-binding for gnomeprint, otherwise 'import gtksourceview' will fail.

yum install gtksourceview
yum install gnome-python2-gtksourceview
yum install gnome-python2-gnomeprint     <--- the magic one.

If this doesn't work for you, then do what I did:

  strace python -c 'import gtksourceview'

and see what .so files it is unable to find, then figure out what package provides those shared objects.


PS. I wonder if it got fixed in FC5 which just came out :)

Well, since you asked: on FC5, I have gtksourceview, gnome-python2-extras, gnome-python2-gtksourceview, and gnome-python2-gnomeprint all installed... And no syntax highlighting in meld. :( python -c 'import gtksourceview' emits no errors. Line numbers do work in meld. Syntax highlighting works nicely in gedit, so gtksourceview must be working.

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