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Am 16.09.22 um 06:31 schrieb Fourhundred Thecat via mc:

can I change the default internal viewer to something else (less)? I
think I could change each line individually:

   View=%view{ascii} mediainfo %f


   View=mediainfo %f | less

but I would rather change this once, globally.

Also, I am confused how the include directive works in mc.ext. As it
says in mc.ext, the rules are applied from top to bottom. Therefore, I
want to have exact, specific rules at the top


and vague, "dirty-hack" rules as low as possible, ie

   type/^PC\ bitmap

I also think calling external command "file" is expensive, so I don't
want to call it too early, when simple regex rule is sufficient.

Anyways, so I have relatively early:


         Open=([ "$DISPLAY" ] && gpicview %f >/dev/null 2>&1 &)
         View=%view{ascii} file %f

and at the bottom, I have:

   type/^PC\ bitmap

but this does not work because this last rule is after "include/image".
I thought, "include/image" just defines what "Include=image" means. But
apparently it must be right after I used "Include=image" ?

Lastly, is there some optimization in processing this decision tree?
Lets say I have 100 rules in mc.ext. And I press F3 on MC goes
from top to bottom, testing each rule. If there are 50 rules "type/",
does it mean MC calls the file command 50 times (if it does not find
match earlier) ?

PS: I am using my original mc.ext file, which I kept over upgrades. I
noticed the format has changed, and it now uses scripts stored in

   View=%view{ascii} /usr/lib/mc/ext.d/ view tar.xz

I would like to stick with my original format.

thank you,
mc mailing list


you can change viewer and editor globally:

press F9 - goto Options - Configuration and unselect "use internal viewer" (and if you want, "internal editor" as well). MC will use now, whats globally set for your system/user. Less (and vi(m) as editor i assume.

If you set and export VIEWER and EDITOR env variables before calling mc, you can change this to whatever you want...



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