Multiple patches with new functions for mcedit

I was coding my mcedit fork for some time and I've added c.a. 17 new functionalities to it. I've submitted all of them to upstream but all of them were rejected. So I thought of writing this email and offering them to anyone for $25 each. Here is the list of them, maybe you'll find something interesting?

1. Soft wraps - toggleable visual-only wrapping of lines that exceed the  screen width.
2. Ack/Ag/Rg interface - a popup listing all matches allowing jumping to them.
3. Listing of objects (separate for functions, variables, types and all) from
   TAGS file allowing to jump to them.
4. Quick jumps to previous and next tag (to jump to preceding/following function).
5. Ctags completion - after indexing e.g.: GLib allows to complete all functions from it by entering g_<TAB>, or functions from the project:
6. Remembering and restoration of last selections (marks).
7. Peek at prototype (ctrl-s, alt-? to jump to definition) - shows a small popup window with the prototype for function under cursor.
8. Slang scripting engine (plugins in ~/.config/mc/plugin, init script at …/mc/
   Current plugins:
        - plugins/ - toggles /*...*/ comment on current like,
        - plugins/ - grows or decreases current number,
        - plugins/ - lists all paragraphs and allows to jump to them,
        - plugins/ - completes the file under cursor, e.g.: conf<ctrl-f> ->,
10. Rich ExternalCommand window - new options and list of remembered commands:
11. Terminal window (called instruction station; ctrl-insert) - allows to run make, git, etc.
13. Fix WindowNext and …Prev to keep the order of windows unchanged.
14. Automatic grouping of headers and sources in the window list – headers precede their sources.
15. Window cascading (alt-ctrl-c) and tiling (alt-ctrl-t).
16. Centering of view (alt-c).
17. Periodic command (alt-shift-i) - a command that is executed every given number of seconds + number of keypresses. Good for regenerating TAGS file (it is reloaded automatically).  

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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