Re: Do your mcedit freeze for a moment, especially at file save?

Yes, of course I'll disclose the bug. I only asked because I wanted to know that it isn't only me, that's all. Could someone confirm the issue? The bug is: lack of row increasing leading to infinite loop interruptible by a keypress only:

│ --- a/src/editor/editdraw.c
 16│ +++ b/src/editor/editdraw.c
 17│ @@ -926,14 +926,15 @@ render_edit_text (WEdit * edit, long start_row, long start_column, long e
 18│                  upto = MIN (curs_row - 1, end_row);
 19│                  while (row <= upto)
 20│                  {
 21│                      if (key_pending (edit))
 22│                          return;
 23│                      edit_draw_this_line (edit, b, row, start_column, end_column);
 24│                      b = edit_buffer_get_forward_offset (&edit->buffer, b, 1, 0);
 25│ +                    row += 1;
 26│                  }

On Fri, 25 Jun 2021 at 11:03, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury shurup com> wrote:
So maybe you’d care to disclose what the bug was and how did you fix it? There is a general problem with input parsing, which can lead to effects like this, but there are no known mcedit specific bugs of such sort.

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On 25. Jun 2021, at 09:59, Sebastian Gniazdowski via mc <mc gnome org> wrote:

I think that I've found a bug in mcedit which is: at save the UI freezes for 2…5 secs, and is likely to become quicker unlocked if one will bang enter rapidly. I wonder if only I have been occurring this issue? After fixing the bug in my fork it is much better now.

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Sebastian Gniazdowski

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Sebastian Gniazdowski

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