mc + MinimalCode = UseNetReader

A UseNetReader needs only:
 single executable [1 line] file eg.
w3m -m nntp://
 to fetch the list of N latest-headers of the chosen group.
IE. mc scroll to file:comp.os.linux.hardware
 from among the list-of-files/groups;
 and hit <enter>: fetches & displays the N latest-headers of
 Usenet GROUP: comp.os.linux.hardware
Now: scrolling though the list of headers, to select the required
 ARTICLE, allows <enter> to fetches & display the selected ARTICLE.
For extreme inet Economy it would be good if <extended mc> could
save for reuse, the List of headers.
More necessary & probably using the same pattern/method, is to save
the fetched ARTICLE in the dir of this GROUP with a user-chosen name?
The above describes how to fetch/read ARTICLES; but how to POST/REPLY ?
mc's data-base/Tree of files-to-read-Usenet would look like, eg.:---
  ./comp.os.linux.hardware <-DirSubTree contains HeaderList & Articles.
     GetHeaders <-- 1-liner-script
     HeaderList <-- how to save *HERE* ? interesting ?
     ARTICLE1 <-- how to NAME & save *HERE* ? interesting ?
     ARTICLEn <-- how to NAME & save *HERE* ? interesting ?
  ./<3rd GROUP>
Right now I'm using: `uname -a`
 ==Linux debian 3.2.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.2.41-2 i686 GNU/Linux
which has: User menu -> "h      Strip headers from current newsarticle"
and is related to "mc + MinimalCode = UseNetReader" ?!
And: /root/.c~/mc.ext  => ...|| w3m -dump %f ...
And w3m seems to handle the new-fad/CURSED: httpS problem??
I've used `lynx` to POST to NNTP, but REPLY is complex: needs to <link>.
Can someone comment/test/improve/extend the above and tell how to
handle POST & REPLY?

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