The idea for discussion: adding to MC an autoexec file, which is sourced when pressing Ctrl-O and contains macro variables

Hi All,

In the current versions of MC  macro variables such as  %f, %F, %d %D, etc are not available in the command line window.  But they are quite useful and were available in some old MC versions.  I implemented a "kludge" solution using programmable keyboard (writing a file with bash statements setting shell variables to the values of those macros via the user menu, Ctrl-O, sourcing the file)  and it proved to be quite useful extension which increased my productivity with MC.

It might make sense to implement such "autoexec" file directly. It should be generated when you switch to command line window using Crtl-O and put in it values of MC Variables such as %f, %F, %d %D, etc (simply as $f $F, $d, $D).

In addition it can write the content of  Favorite directories list (Ctrl-/) as aliases. It also makes sense to provide a user defined section (for example, for sourcing ~/.bash_profile  and/or ~/bashrc )

I think the availability of such "autoexec" file will increase flexibility of MC while requiring minor changes in the code as MC already writes and sources a file on exit in order to exist to the current direction on active panel.  Essentially this code can be reused.

This "autoexec" file can be activated by an additional option  in Options/Configuration menu.

IMHO this allows for a better and more flexible shell environment than currently exists with minimal development efforts.

What do you think?

Best Regards,

Nikolai Bezroukov

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