Help testing release candidate / mc-4.8.22-rc1

Hi there,

TLDR; I would appreciate if you could please test the following tarball
on your systems and report any blocker regressions as compared to the
previous 4.8.21 release:

$ sha256sum mc-4.8.21-108-g4b46e6194.tar.xz
95eb67435d0ab7ab08753c6057250b2a791468218c0ad5758e8b6bd2df3630d2  mc-4.8.21-108-g4b46e6194.tar.xz

I've built this tarball out of the latest master with translations from
Transifex pulled in on a fresh Fedora 29 VM which I'm also going to use
to build the final release early next year if nothing serious comes up.

Many thanks!

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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