Re: Midnight Commander 4.8.20 released

Le dimanche 26 novembre 2017 à 12:27 +0100, Yury V. Zaytsev a écrit :

I'm glad to announce the immediate availability of mc-4.8.20!

This is a maintenance release including mainly fixes for issues found
since the last one, most notably a bug in the nsec timestamps support
code which caused loss of timestamps under some circumstances.
is recommended to upgrade to immediately benefit from these

For the detailed list of changes since the last release, please refer
the release notes.

Download page:;O=D
Release notes:

I highly appreciate the work of Andrew Borodin, who made this release
possible, as well as our regular contributor Mooffie and others,
including our translators. 

As always, we hope to accept more patches for the next version, with
many waiting for reviews and tests, of which we sadly have way too
but our resources are constrained as ever, so bear with us.

It's a bit too early to wish everybody a Merry Christmas & a Happy
Year, but since no release is forthcoming in December anyways, I'll
still use the opportunity to do so :-) 

mc-devel mailing list

Hi Yuri, all.

First, thanks to all of you for that release.

I’ve updated « my » packages on OpenSuSe Build Service to 4.8.20 
for the following distros:

CentOS and Scientific Linux 6 i586 and x86_64.
CentOS and Scientific Linux 7 x86_64.
Fedora 24 (please update, it’s been EOL’ed), 25, i586 and x86_64.
Fedora 26, 27 x86_64.

I’ve used official tar.xz package, and mc was built with the 
following options:
        --with-screen=slang \
        --enable-charset \
        --with-x \
        --with-gpm-mouse \
        --disable-rpath \
        --enable-vfs-smb \
        --enable-vfs-sftp \

You can get packages here:

Laurent Wandrebeck <l wandrebeck quelquesmots fr>

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