Re: mc Digest, Vol 153, Issue 1

When I run 2 mc/s in a screen-splitter, THAT captures the F10-key;
so I need some other way to exit mc.

]just press <ESC> + 0
] you get all F1 - F10 by pressing <ESC> + 1/2.../9/0

Thanks. Related: in TinyCore Xfbdev, mc <follows the mouse> like normal,
eg. changes the cursor in mcedit..etc. But under <Console> where I needed
to install gpm, mc doesn't responde to the mouse; except of course can
copy/paste. Since TC's Xfbdev is not soo good, I use many Consoles,
and gpm-root which creates popup-menues would help to navigate.
gpm-root seems not used these days? It's documentation show that it
was closely associated with mc in the old/original days.

Can any readers confirm that [or is it called root-gpm]runs with new kernels.
If you've got 8 Consoles: how would you know which one [showing an mc -
or several, using dvtm] you are seeing? With a popup-menu, you can go-to
<topicX: on ConsoleN>.  ...... I hope.

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