Re: customize columns in single panel view

On 6/12/17, Karel <lists vcomp ch> wrote:

Is it possible to customize the columns in the single panel view ?

For my default (two panel) view, I have customized it using:

 -> Listing Mode
   (*) User defined:
      half type name | size:15 | mtime

however, when I switch to the single panel view, there are different
columns (obviously):

  Permission   Nl   Owner   Group   Size   Modify time   Name

For instance, I need to change the width of "Size" to 15.

No, you can't change the format of the "Long" listing-mode.

(You can make the "User defined" listing-mode display in one panel (by
changing "half" to "full"), but this is not what you want.)

So, you have two options:

(1) Modify the source code (search panel.c for "full perm space" and
tweak it); or:

(2) Use mc^2. It allows you to do this. (It already comes with a
snippet that enlarges the "Size" field a bit so there'd be room for
the commas (or other locale-dependent formatting) it adds. This makes
reading long numbers much easier.)

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