Re: mc not saving config under macOS Sierra 10.12

I figured it out: mc is LYING about where it is saving stuff.

The save actually goes to ~/.local/share/mc

But when I save config in mcedit, it says it's saving it in ~/.config/mc, which it most certainly is not, nor is it loading it from there. likewise it's not saving anything in ~/.cedit.

macports had installed as root (sigh) and the various files needed to have their permissions modified.

I would have caught this if the program hadn't been lying to me about where it was saving things.

This is mc version 4.8.18


On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 11:17 AM, Anony Mous <fyngyrz gmail com> wrote:
the .mc and .cedit directories exist; I am the owner of them; the permissions a rwxrwxrwx on the directories.

mc says it's saving to ~/.mc

But it doesn't. No error, either.

I installed mc using macports.

Any ideas? Anyone?


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