auto save panels setup broken

Isn't that what F9 -> Options -> panel options -> auto save panels setup is for?

I believe OP is correct: mc forgets the active directory if you do have "auto save panels setup" selected.



I think this file should be saved with:



Whichever panel is active on shutdown, gets set back to $HOME on restart. This is not correct.

From a cursory look, it's a simple hack to setup.c. I guess it got overlooked because few people use that option.

On 2016-10-07 05:39, chris glur wrote:
 Also it doesn't remember the active panel on last
close was the right panel.
When, as usual, I've got several mc running: they all initially start with
the latest <save setup> conditions.

If I rarely, change the format-order of a mc, I don't want that new specail
setting to be remembered and REPLACE my chosen default settings.

You seems to write as if you had onlu one mc running?
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